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tmjMany people suffer from jaw pain or facial pain. The Temporomandibular Joint is made from two joints ligaments, and muscles that allow us to open and close our mouth. In between the TM joint lies a disc that helps cushion the joint. This allows us to open, close, shift and allow our mouth to move freely. When this disc is damaged or stressed, it can result in jaw pain. Dentists and hygienists are able to detect TM Joint disorders by palpating for popping or clicking of the jaw, headaches, excessive wear or fractures of the teeth, and range of motion.

Some causes of TM joint discomfort are resulted from a bad bite, grinding, clenching, arthritis, or injury. The diagnosis of TM Joint disorder may require a thorough evaluation of a patients medical history, dental X-rays, and cast models of the teeth ( impressions).

Treating TM Joint disorders often include orthodontics, night guards, mouth pieces, or surgery. It has been our experience that most patients who suffer from jaw pain, also have malocclusion (bad bite). In order to correct a bad bite, an orthodontic appliance is required. Clear aligners are a great way for adults to correct thier bite and straigten their teeth without having to wear traditional metal brackets. Invisalign are clear aligners that can correct a bad bite and alleviate unnecessary stress on the teeth. The clear aligners also serve as a night guard for protection against grinding and clenching. For more information about invisalign click here.

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The entire staff is excellent in delivering the highest quality dental care under the guidance of Dr. Calcagno. I drive from San Jose to see the Calcagno team. They are, far and away, the very best.5stars
Camille is very professional and excellent at what she does. She always makes me feel comfortable. Recently, someone tried to recruit my husband and I to their dental practice. I told my husband; "no Camille, no deal!" My experience with Dr. Calcagno and his staff has made the experience of "going to the dentist," pleasurable. Thank you.5stars


Dr Calcagno has been my dentists for over 20 years. He and his entire staff will always spend time to have everything explained to you and what all the possible options are. They will treat you like family, need I say more!5stars
I always have a great experience at Dr. Calcagno's office. Dr. Calcagno and his Staff are always very caring and positive. It is a wonderful environment and always love to go back to his office. They have taken care of all my dental needs and go above and beyond for their clients. 5stars
Always satisfied with the expert service from Dr. Calcagno and his very qualified staff.5stars


As always, a very pleasant, relaxing visit..this team is the best! And Dr.Calcagno their suburb leader!5stars
My dental hygenist does an excellent job of cleaning my teeth in a thorough and efficient manner. The dentist exam is also thorough and I appreciate that he keeps me informed about areas of concern and what his plan of action is.5stars
The dental asst always makes me feel so comfortable so my anticipation is never stressful. I thought i was going to need a crown or at the least a new filling but he was able to repair the tooth... Thank you Dr. Calcagno and staff.5stars


As always!!!...the best care a patient can receive. Dr. Calcagno, you and your staff have my healthcare at the top of your mission. Thank you for a wonderful visit and keeping my smile, smiling!!! Enjoy your work days and keep those smiles coming.5stars
I love this dental office! The whole office is so professional yet super friendly. The office staff sets the tone by knowing exactly who you are when you walk in the door. The hygienist does the best job ever, and the doctor is super friendly at the same time explaining the best course of action to correct any problems without feeling any pressure. I highly recommend this dental office!5stars


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